Reasons To Upgrade Your Veterinary Imaging Equipment

Reasons To Upgrade Your Veterinary Imaging Equipment

If you are running a veterinary practice, you know that outdated equipment can quickly become a burden on your checkbook. Furthermore, money lost on repairs or unnecessary expenses inevitably equates to time taken away from why you joined this profession in the first place: to help animals live their best lives. There are endless reasons to upgrade your veterinary imaging equipment. Here are just a few to consider.

Frequent Repairs

If you are working with old, dated imaging equipment, you know how often they require repairs. But these costly, time-consuming fixes are a drain on your practice. Time that could otherwise be dedicated to improving the lives of animals instead gets wasted on waiting for repairs to be completed. On a day-to-day basis, it is an inconvenience, but over time, it injures the practice and jeopardizes your relationship with your clients.

Improve Image Quality

Another reason to upgrade veterinary imaging equipment is that it will improve the X-rays your practice can perform. New imagery equipment, to put it simply, is just better. Digital radiology, in particular, produces stronger, clearer images than conventional X-rays. With a higher DQE rating, a digital X-ray panel absorbs a greater number of protons, which enhances the image quality.

Lower Radiation Exposure

X-rays from conventional film and CR imaging equipment, if they are applied often enough, can inflict radioactive damage on the animal being observed. An array of health problems can arise from conventional X-rays, including skin burns and diarrhea. DR equipment’s radiation exposure, however, is a fraction of what animals receive from CR imaging.

Cost Reduction on Film

Aside from the frequent repairs, the costliest part of operating a traditional X-ray machine is purchasing and processing the film. With DR technology, you never have to worry about losing money to a dated, costly system. The image quality is actually better, printed without any cost, and takes far less time to process.

Most veterinarians did not get into this profession, so they could oversee technical repairs or pay for dated equipment. To stay on the cutting edge and avoid the slog of unnecessary work, you should always keep your veterinary imaging equipmentup to date.

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