Signs You Need To Replace Your Veterinary X-Ray Machine

Signs You Need To Replace Your Veterinary X-Ray Machine

Veterinarians must stay up to date with all their devices, but x-ray machines especially require constant supervision and, when the time is right, logical replacements. An old, weak x-ray machine could cost you time, labor, and cash. Do not let a dated x-ray machine drag your work down. Be honest with yourself when it is time to make a change, and look for the signs you need to replace your veterinary x-ray machine.

It Often Needs Repairs

If your x-ray machine spends more time being worked on than it does taking x-rays, you may need to consider a replacement. X-ray machines do reach a point where the cost and time spent repairing them becomes more cumbersome than purchasing new ones. Once you have reached that point, it is only reasonable to start looking around for a replacement.

It Is Dated

As a veterinarian, you want your business to uphold the best practices of the profession. You want new x-ray machines that reflect current advancements so you can maintain a strong relationship with the clients who rely on you. Furthermore, it is expensive to run old x-ray machines, as the film they require can be a source of major overhead. These costs will only get higher as more vets move away from film and enter the digital age. If you want to avoid the worst of a price surge, it is best to replace your old model with a new vet x-ray machine sooner rather than later.

It Cannot Keep Up With Your Practice

You want a practice that’s stable enough to constantly take on new clients. But it can be difficult to scale upward when your equipment is dated. If you start to notice that your current x-ray machine cannot keep up with the demands of your client base, you should take that as one of the signs you need to replace your veterinary x-ray machine. Ideally, you would have preempted the overcrowded demand by getting a replacement machine before it was a problem. But if you are forced by circumstance to get a better machine, it is best to read the writing on the wall.

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