Our Easy-to-use 2-in-1
Digital X-ray System

DynaVue from ExamVue is an easy-to-use 2-in-1 digital radiography system designed for great X-ray images of companion animals. In development of DynaVue, our team worked side-by-side with veterinarians to optimize the system and streamline essential processes. DynaVue is also powered by ExamVue software, which was developed specifically with veterinarians and their workflow in mind.

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Superior Digital Imaging and Increased Practice Efficiency

  • 4-way floating tabletop for X-ray positioning with minimal disturbance to patient
  • Easy-to-use operating console with large touchscreen installed on tube stand
  • High sensitivity detection technology
  • Low dose, high-frequency generator and remote capture feature
  • Compact unit with movable casters for convenient positioning throughout your facility
  • 220V, 15A power requirements for easy installation in any location.

Added Value of Fluoroscopy

You may not be utilizing fluoroscopy in your practice now, but there are plenty of reasons to expand your horizons. Improve your service and generate revenue performing procedures you couldn’t do in the past. With the push of a button, this space-saving system can go from digital X-ray to fluoroscopy mode mid-exam, without any adjustment to the animal. Applications beyond digital X-ray are plentiful with DynaVue’s added value fluoroscopy capabilities. Some of these procedures include:

  • Minimally invasive fracture repair
  • Intraluminal stenting for tracheal collapse treatment
  • Treating urethral and colonic obstructive disease
  • Vascular procedures
  • Orthopedic procedures
  • Contrast studies of the gastrointestinal tract

Best Warranty and Lowest Cost of Ownership

ExamVue offers the industry’s best coverage program and lowest cost of ownership. Our DynaVue system includes:

  • Detector
  • Generator
  • 4-way floating tabletop
  • Computer with touchscreen monitor
  • ExamVue software

ExamVue provides an unrivaled warranty and coverage program. Please contact us for more details.

ExamVue software includes but is not limited to:

  • Modality Worklist Generator
  • DICOM cine-loop display (with Previous, Pause, Play, and image slider bar) to view Fluoroscopy video inside your radiography studies.
  • Imaging and annotation tools (Vertebral Heart Score, Norberg Angle, Auto-cropping, Zoom, Pan, Crop, Rotation, Angle, Label, Text)
  • Powerful user features include: Image Import/Export, Image Comparison, Multi-view, Image Expansion, Full Screen, Reject/Accept, Image Capture

For more information on DynaVue, please reach out to us by email at sales@examvuedigitalxray.com or call
(516) 654-6955 to speak with an Account Manager today.

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