Equine Applications

DR Flat Panel Detectors
Blue Ultrasound
4Vet Slim

Ultrasound Machines for Precise Diagnosis with Clear-Cut Scans

  • Our ultrasound machines play an important role in modern equine healthcare
  • Used to assess pregnancies in mares, conduct reproductive evaluations, and evaluate injured tendons and ligaments.
  • Allows veterinarians to conduct a thorough evaluation of soft tissues and bone surfaces for possible fractures

Blue Veterinary Ultrasound

A unique ultrasound scanner that assists with acute diagnostic needs and routine procedures. Blue creates convex images on linear probe and phased array images on convex probe, helping equine practitioners fully evaluate problematic areas.

4Vet Slim

4Vet Slim is designed for complex imaging diagnostics and accurate image acquisition. It comes with a needle guide placement software which makes therapeutic agent administration more accurate.
The 4Vet Slim includes pre-sets for mare ovary, horse tendons, and mare pregnancy.


An ultrasound scanner for equine veterinarians. It comes with a linear rectal probe for equine reproduction and basic examinations of the tendons in the animal’s body. The convex rectal probe allows veterinarians to examine the reproductive tract and lungs in horses.

Advancing Care With Top-Of-The-Line Diagnostics For Equine Practitioners

  • Our state-of-the-art digital radiography equipment give veterinarians a quick look the horse’s internal structure
  • Veterinarians can take advantage of advanced image processing, image editing, storage, and sharing when integrated with ExamVue DR Acquisition software and mini-PACS.
  • Get high-quality images to evaluate lame horses and look at fractures and wounds of limbs and cervical spine

DR Flat Panel Detectors

Engineered for equine practitioners, DR flat panel detectors offer continuous and stable image acquisition with the convenience of images being readily available for a sit-down review.

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