Cloud PACS Features and Services

Unlimited Users and Unlimited Storage for CR, Digital X-ray, and Ultrasound

ExamVue Cloud PACS offers a viewing solution and an off-site backup for veterinarians. Our easy-to-use cloud solution provides you with the freedom to view your images nearly anywhere on Edge, Safari, and Chrome browsers on your laptop, table, or phone with security and ease. Additionally, our Cloud PACS can be used with any manufacturer's imaging equipment.


  • 256-Bit Encryption Security
  • Compatible with any web browser on Windows, Linux, Apple, and other small print devices
  • Low-cost annual package for MRI, CT, and fluoroscopy
  • No cost for updates or upgrades
  • No upload or download restrictions
  • Services Available: CD Burning, Assigning, Uploading Reports, and JPEG Downloads
  • Live Phone and Email Technical Support

Cloud PACS includes veterinary-specialty tools:

  • Vertebral Heart Score
  • TPLO Analysis
  • TTA Analysis
  • Norberg Hip Analysis

Get Your Cloud PACS Solution Today

The Cloud PACS solution keeps your practice efficient and secure no matter where your work takes you. Use Cloud PACS in your office, on your phone, and in the field when you use agricultural applications for bovine or equine practices. To learn more, set up a Cloud PACS demo, explore additional options such as our ExamVue mini-PACS, or to make a purchase, please contact or call (516) 654-6955 today.