Veterinary Flat Panel X-Ray Detectors

Flat Panel Detectors

10” x 12” Wireless
Pixel Pitch: 120µm
Weight: 5lbs
Image acquisition within 2-3 seconds
Full-field Automatic Exposure Detector (AED)
14” x 17” Wireless
Pixel pitch: 140µm
Weight: 8lbs
Image acquisition within 3 seconds
Full-field Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)
17” x 17” Tethered
Pixel pitch: 154µm
Weight: 8.7lbs
Image acquisition within 3 seconds
Full-field Automatic Exposure Detector (AED)

Flat Panel Digital X-Ray Offers Superior Performance

  • Veterinary flat panel digital X-ray detector panels improve workflow since the image processing cycle is embedded in the acquisition task
  • Images appear within five seconds, allowing veterinarians to process more patients in given periods
  • Easy to operate and generates outstanding X-ray images
  • Can be integrated with ExamVue Acquisition software and ExamVue PACS offerings

Offers Large Area Coverage with Full-Field AED

  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) saves time by automatically setting the appropriate X-ray exposure level to produce the best images
  • AED reduces the chance of X-ray saturation which might throw off image quality
  • Fewer retakes mean reduced radiation exposure to the patients
  • Get high-quality imaging more efficiently and with less exposure time

Creates an Efficient Operating Experience for X-Ray Acquisition

  • Detects exposure anywhere on the surface of the DR panel
  • Digital X-ray detector panels make animal positioning less complicated
  • Achieve clear, crisp images
  • Improve your diagnosis with automatic image processing
  • Minimize the need for manual corrections

Built With Equine and Field Veterinarians in Mind

  • Provides continuous and stable image acquisition without loss of X-ray signal
  • Designed for equine practitioners and mixed animal practices
  • Wireless flat panel X-ray detectors offer the convenience of transmitting and receiving X-ray images wirelessly from anywhere in your clinic or in the field
  • Tethered flat panels are one of the most self-contained digital imaging systems that are engineered for the most demanding practitioners
  • Produces detailed radiographic images of all species in any environment
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