ExamVue mini-PACS

ExamVue mini-PACS is just what you need to view and review your x-ray images throughout your veterinary practice. ExamVue mini-PACS will store all your digital x-rays in one central location, while allowing you to view them on up to ten different Windows tablets or computers.

Our mini-PACS allows multiple viewing stations in the office, measurement, communication, and storage.

Fully Integrated Software for Veterinary Image Management

  • A software built for management, viewing, and storage of DR images
  • Enabled up to 10 Windows workstations in your office
  • Contains a wide range of annotation tools
  • Works seamlessly with ExamVue DR image acquisition software

Feature-rich Veterinary mini-PACS

  • A best-in-breed mini-PACS that provides superior functionality and offers flexible options for image access and sharing
  • Advanced specialty tools, such as Norberg Angle and Vertebral Heart Score (VHS), allow quick diagnosis of your veterinary images
  • Offers optimal sharing and interactive real-time collaboration within your office, allowing you to share diagnostic images with colleagues and customers from your desks or Windows tablets
  • Advanced veterinary imaging management solution that seamlessly integrates with the workflow of your veterinary clinic