CubeX High-Frequency Portable X-ray Generators

Powerful Portable X-ray Generators for Numerous Veterinary Applications

The CubeX series of high frequency portable X-ray generators are compact and lightweight yet powerful and capable of capturing nearly any X-ray shot you need. Our most popular model, the CubeX-28 can shoot up to 120kV and 40mA. CubeX X-ray generators can be used as portable, handheld units or as mounted components of a digital X-ray system.

The CubeX generators also feature:

  • Invertible digital displays that facilitate multitasking
  • Soft touch, durable controls
  • Dual wavelength laser pointer
  • High resolution imaging at lower dosages

Simple Design Facilitates Ease-of-use and Integration

  • Light, high frequency portable X-ray
  • Calibrated cassette-sized indicator dials
  • Solid body with durable design

Improves Efficiency with Reduced Procedure Time

  • Optimizing workflow in or outside the veterinary clinic environment by putting the x-ray where it is needed
  • Run off standard 110VAC power outlets, with automatic line voltage compensation for external power.

CubeX is truly a great high frequency portable X-ray generator for veterinary applications.

For more information on CubeX generators or any of our veterinary imaging solutions, please reach out to us by email at or call (516) 654-6955 to speak with an Account Manager today.

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