CubeX High-Frequency Portable Veterinary X-ray Generators

Powerful Portable X-ray Generators for Numerous Veterinary Applications

The CubeX series of high-frequency portable veterinary X-ray generator is compact and lightweight yet powerful and capable of capturing nearly any X-ray shot you need. Our most popular model, the CubeX-28 can shoot up to 120kV and 40mA. CubeX X-ray generators can be used as portable, handheld units or as mounted components of a digital X-ray system.

The CubeX generators also feature:

  • Invertible digital displays that facilitate multitasking
  • Soft touch, durable controls
  • Dual wavelength laser pointer
  • High resolution imaging at lower dosages

Simple Design Facilitates Ease-of-use and Integration

  • Light, high frequency portable X-ray
  • Calibrated cassette-sized indicator dials
  • Solid body with durable design

Improves Efficiency with Reduced Procedure Time

  • Optimizing workflow in or outside the veterinary clinic environment by putting the x-ray where it is needed
  • Run off standard 110VAC power outlets, with automatic line voltage compensation for external power.

CubeX is truly a great high-frequency portable veterinary X-ray generator for animal care professionals and clinics.

For more information on CubeX generators or any of our veterinary imaging solutions, please reach out to us by email at or call (516) 654-6955 to speak with an Account Manager today.

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