DirectVet Veterinary
Digital X-ray Machine

Technological evolution is absolutely essential.





Advancements in technology combined with ExamVue ingenuity has given veterinarians the opportunity to have a compact, 110-V digital X-ray system that’s powerful and comprehensive enough to replace old, high voltage systems.

The need for a large vet X-ray machine that requires high voltage is a thing of the past. DirectVet is capable of 120 kVp and is powerful enough for all companion animal applications.

DirectVet makes digital X-ray more accessible. This veterinary X-ray system is ideal for a new practice and existing practices looking to upgrade. In addition to being an easy, convenient fit for a range of spaces, this veterinary digital X-ray system and software allows you to hit the ground running without any special preparations, power supply modifications, or construction.

For a quote on our veterinary imaging equipment, email us at or call us at (516) 654-6955.

Top-of-the-line Image Processing Combined with Advanced Functionality

  • Send DICOM or JPEG images to your existing practice management software.
  • Email images to Customer or colleagues for review.
  • User-friendly interface
  • X-ray generator and detector move together allowing for quicker exams
  • Heavy duty table holds over 300lbs

Get phenomenal image quality and reliability with numerous ExamVue advantages such as:

  • Enhanced image processing engine, provide superior image quality
  • Calibration before shipment
  • Software designed and supported by ExamVue
  • Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector technology generates quality images with high-precision for low-error diagnosis
  • Our veterinary X-ray system come with an unmatched warranty program

For a quote on our veterinary imaging equipment, email us at or call us at (516) 654-6955.

Additionally, DirectVet veterinary X-ray machine systems provide practices with exceptional image quality, user-friendly acquisition software, and the ability to send studies to multiple destinations.

  • Vertebral Heart Score
  • Post-image processing for each body part
  • Imaging and annotation functions, like image magnification, rotation, cropping, etc.
  • Importing/exporting capability, Image comparisons, Multi-view
  • Smart Window Level
  • Modality Worklist Generator
  • Emergency Mode
  • Side-by-side Image Comparison
  • Ability to email images from software

For more information on DirectVet, please reach out to us by email at or call (516) 654-6955 to speak with an Account Manager today.

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